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Stages Of HIV Symptoms

HIV symptoms

For the most portion, the symptoms of HIV are the outcome of infections brought on by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and/or parasites.

Stage 1: Symptoms of early HIV infection

Numerous individuals with HIV have no symptoms for many months to even years right after becoming infected. Other individuals might create symptoms equivalent to flu, typically two-six weeks right after catching the virus.

The symptoms of early HIV infection might contain:

  • fever
  • chills
  • joint discomfort
  • muscle aches
  • sore throat
  • sweats (specifically at evening)
  • enlarged glands
  • a red rash
  • tiredness
  • weakness
  • unintentional weight loss

Stage two: Asymptomatic HIV

In quite a few instances, right after the initial symptoms disappear, there will not be any additional symptoms for quite a few years.

For the duration of this time, the virus carries on creating and damaging the immune technique and organs. Without having getting on drugs to cease HIV's replication, this approach can take up to 10 years on typical. The infected particular person usually experiences no symptoms, feels properly, and seems healthier.

Stage three: Late-stage HIV infection

If left untreated, HIV weakens the potential to fight infection. The particular person becomes vulnerable to severe illnesses. This stage of infection is identified as AIDS.

Symptoms of late-stage HIV infection might contain:

  • blurred vision
  • diarrhea, which is typically persistent or chronic
  • dry cough
  • fever of above 100 °F (37 °C) lasting for weeks
  • evening sweats
  • permanent tiredness
  • shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  • swollen glands lasting for weeks
  • unintentional weight loss
  • white spots on the tongue or mouth

For the duration of late-stage HIV infection, the danger of creating a life-threatening illness is considerably higher. Life-threatening illnesses might be controlled, avoided, and/or treated with right drugs, usually such as HIV therapy.

HIV and AIDS myths and information

There are quite a few misconceptions about HIV and AIDS. The virus Can not be transmitted from:

  • shaking hands
  • hugging
  • casual kissing
  • sneezing
  • touching the unbroken skin
  • working with the similar toilet
  • sharing towels
  • sharing cutlery
  • mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • or other types of “casual speak to”

Diagnosis of HIV and AIDS

The CDC (Centers for Illness Handle and Prevention) estimate that about 1 in every single eight HIV-good Americans is unaware of their HIV-status.

HIV blood tests and outcomes

Diagnosis is produced by means of a blood test that screens especially for the virus. If the HIV virus has been located, the test outcome is “good.” The blood is re-tested many occasions prior to a good outcome is provided to the patient.

If a particular person has been exposed to the virus, it is critical that they get tested as quickly as probable. The earlier HIV is detected, the far more probably the therapy will be profitable. A property testing kit can be made use of as properly.

Just after infection with HIV, it can take from three weeks to six months for the virus to show up in testing. Re-testing might be required. If the moment a patient was most at danger of infection was inside the final six months, they can have the test quickly. Nevertheless, the provider will urge that an additional test be carried out inside a handful of weeks.


HIV infection can lead to AIDS to create. Nevertheless, it is probable to be infected with HIV without having creating AIDS. Without having therapy, the HIV infection can progress and, at some point, it will create into AIDS in the vast majority of instances. As soon as a person has received an AIDS diagnosis, it will normally carry more than with them in their health-related history.

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